Hampstead Children's Meeting

"Rejoice in the presence of children and young people in your meeting and recognise the gifts they bring."

Hampstead Quaker meeting has a joyful and active children’s meeting that includes children of all ages.

The group meets during the main Meeting for Worship every Sunday from 11am - 12pm.

Childrens's Meeting (all ages)

The group meet every Sunday during the main Meeting for Worship 11am - 12noon. Each Children’s Meeting is led by an adult carer who receives training and support.  All have their DBS certificates. Parents with children younger than 4 years old are asked to stay with their child and join in with the activities. The activities are full of fun and include discussions, stories, songs, art and drama. We also join in with all-age meetings, outdoor adventures and occasional romps through the nearby Heath.  All the activities uphold  Quakers values and we always end our children's meetings with a short period of quiet reflection before joining the final ten minutes of the main Quaker meeting.

Interested children and carers are welcome to join any Sunday at 11am at the meeting house.

Contact Leonora Davies and Mary Clunes

Young People's Meeting (ages 9-14)

On the 3rd Sunday of every month, we hold a separate Meeting for young people aged 9-14. This runs at the same time as Children's Meeting (11am-12noon) but is an opportunity for the older children be together. The sessions aim to be guided by what the young people bring to the table and includes lively discussions, activities and a short period of silent reflection.

Concerts, Projects and Adventures

Hope is Powerful - A Concert to support Refugees from Ukraine and Elsewhere

Saturday 18th June 2022. £1381 raised for Polish Humanitarian Action

Joint Meetings with Quaker Children in Southern Africa

We have recently enjoyed occasional videoconference meetings that we have shared with Quaker children in Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Lesotho).

Information about Quaker support for children from Britain Yearly Meeting

For general information regarding the care and provisions Quakers offer for children and young people, Britain Yearly Meeting's website has lots of very good information and resources.