Room Hire

At Hampstead Meeting House

"A place of loving friendship and enjoyment..."

Rooms for hire at Hampstead Meeting House 120 Heath Street, Hampstead NW3 1DR.

Rooms are available Monday to Saturday, between 9am and 10pm.

If you are interested in hiring a room please contact

Rooms Available at Hampstead Meeting House

Main Hall

A large and bright room on the ground floor. Carpeted with wood paneling and lots of natural light. Contains a loop system. Can seat up to 120.


A character filled room on the first floor. It is dual-aspected, carpeted, book-lined and has an attractive fireplace. Ideal for small group meetings of up to 15.

Children's Room

A basement meeting room with parquet flooring and overhead lighting. Filled with toys and children's tables and chairs as well as a piano. Natural light is from glass blocks in the ceiling but the room feels bright and comfortable.

Elder’s Room

A comfortable basement room with limited natural light (glass ceiling blocks) but a cosy, quiet feel. Carpeted and currently furnished with a table and 12 wooden chairs.


Main hall


children's Room

Elder's Room

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Hire Agreements Terms and Conditions

1. Users wishing to advertise events publicly are asked to use the address: The Meeting House, 120 Heath Street, Hampstead, NW3 1DR.

2. Users MUST NOT use the Meeting House address as their registered business address.

3. SECURITY: The security of the building is of paramount importance. Hirers may be the only people on the premises and are thus responsible for security. The main door should  be locked after your meeting starts. There is a bell for latecomers.

4. On departure, please make sure that the doors are firmly closed. All lights must be  switched off (including toilets), the water-heater must be switched off and the heating    thermostats should be turned to zero.

5. The Religious Society of Friends has public liability insurance to cover its own   responsibilities to users of the premises. Our Meeting House insurance does not cover any incidents or accidents that might arise from activities conducted or supervised by hirers of the premises. Hirers are strongly advised to arrange their own insurance.

6. The Religious Society of Friends is not insured against loss or theft. All property is left on the premises at the hirer’s or owner’s risk. Lost property will be retained for four weeks and then disposed of.

7. Rooms should be left as found. Furniture should be returned to its original place. (Chairs need to be stacked in piles of thirteen)

8. Any damage or spillage must be reported to the Resident Quaker. Users may be required to pay the cost of necessary repairs, replacement or cleaning.

9. Users must remove articles brought to the premises and do not attach banners or posters to any part of the building without the Resident Quaker’s permission. Users must not use blue tac or drawing pins on the walls or wood paneling.

10. Details of the aims and principles of an organisation wishing to hire a room will be requested. Hampstead Meeting reserved the right to refuse use of the building to any person or group, in accordance with the Letting Policy.

11. For repeat bookings, payment will be invoiced quarterly and must be paid within 30 days of invoicing. Individual bookings will be invoiced for at the time of booking and must be paid before the booking occurs.  

12. Cancellations made less than four weeks before the booking may be charged for. Less  than four weeks notice of cancellation may incur a charge of 50% of the full rate. Less  than two weeks notice of cancellation may be required to pay the full rate.

13. Charges are for specific times and specific parts of the building. Access to the building begins 15 minutes before the booking for setting up and 15 minutes after the booking for clearing up. Hampstead Meeting reserves the right to make additional charges for the use of rooms, facilities and/or times not agreed in advance.

14. Users must not use, or allow any of their attending groups to use, any part of the building other than that specified in their booking.

15. Hirers should familiarise themselves with the fire evacuation procedure and routes which are displayed in each room. Fire exits must not be obstructed. A gap of a least two metres should be maintained between any objects and the fire exit door in the Main Meeting room at all times.

16. First Aid Boxes suitable for dealing with minor injuries only are available in both kitchens. Hirers should bring their own first aid kits and equipment in relation to the activities they supervise. An Accident Book is next to the First Aid box in the foyer. Please record all accidents and report them to the Resident Quaker by email to

17. No alcohol is permitted on the premises. Gambling (including raffles) and smoking (including the use of electronic vaporisers) are not permitted; this applies to both the building and the outside area. Users are asked to ensure that no one attending their groups smokes on the premises.

18. The use of naked flames, including the use of candles, is strictly prohibited by our insurance policy.

19. Bicycles should be secured to the racks at the front of the building and must not be brought inside the building. Motorbikes and motor scooters must not be brought onto the front paved area.

20. The person responsible for hiring is responsible for the care and use of the Meeting House. If another individual sets up or conducts the group, he or she must be familiar with the conditions of hire.

21. Any equipment left by repeat users must be officially agreed with the Resident Quakers and stored in the area provided within clearly labeled and sealed storage containers (either sealed bags or boxes). Any equipment is stored entirely at the owner’s own risk. We do not take responsibility for any equipment left within the Meeting House.

22. Quaker Meeting for Worship, other Quaker meetings and religious services take precedence over all other bookings and Hampstead Meeting reserves the right to cancel bookings in order to accommodate religious services.